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萃之尊 Pure Milkfish Essence&shark cartilage GiftBox 4boxes@

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[Royal Essence] milkfish essence add another half of shark cartilage essence to become the only milkfish & shark cartilage essence drink as the upgraded fish essence! The Shark Cartilage Drink contains rare type II collagen, rich calcium and viscous polysaccharides and other nutritional elements, which provide the best maintenance for bones, teeth, skin and cartilage tissue! The hardworking group, growing children, silver-haired friends, moms who lost calcium and collagen during pregnancy, replenish and strengthen the body inside out. Royal Essence Milkfish Essence is Taiwanese people’s first choice for nourishing health. Extracting milkfish essence without adding any chemicals or preservatives at 121 degrees Celsius. With high-pressure sterilization, fully automated packaging, the essence extracted by a safe method which becomes small molecule so it can be quickly absorbed in the human small intestine, and nutrients are more effectively and completely absorbed and delivered to all parts of the human body, which can truly enhance your and your family’s Nutrient absorption. Let you absorb complete amino acids, reduce fatigue and strengthen immunity, while promoting the absorption of protein and collagen! [Nutrition Supplement-Strengthen Resistance-Restore Vitality]
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